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Armen Berjikly

Chief Technology Officer

Armen's passion is developing products at the intersection of empathy and technology. Prior to his time at BetterUp, Armen was the Founder and CEO of Experience Project (EP), an early social network designed to enable users to practice the core tenets of positive psychology — positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments. 

Witnessing how EP connected its millions of users through storytelling, Armen was inspired to co-found and lead Product at Kanjoya, a technology company that applied advanced natural language processing (NLP) to employee engagement surveys. By recognizing key emotions and themes in open-ended responses, Kanjoya automatically complemented the traditional "what is happening" provided by surveys with the key to actionability — the "why is this happening, and what can we do about it?"

Kanjoya's success in applying advanced technology to solve significant customer problems led to its acquisition by Ultimate Software (now UKG), a top 3 provider of HCM suites. Armen led Product Strategy and Innovation, focusing on data-enabling core elements of the HCM suite, from recruiting to performance management.  Ultimate was itself acquired and Armen went on to co-found and lead Product at Motive Software. Motive applied NLP and AI to bring real-time, multi-channel analytics that combined qualitative and quantitative signals with outcomes and prioritize what could improve them. 

This was a natural match with the opportunity and mission at BetterUp, where we identify what people need, transform through our meaningful interventions, and measure the impact to demonstrate and motivate progress. Armen and the Motive team were excited to join BetterUp in August of 2021 and bring the best of technology to the mission of delivering clarity, purpose, and passion to all.

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