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BetterUp Partners with Microsoft Viva to Drive Peak Performance and Well-Being for Millions in the Workplace

July 18, 2023 - 4 min read

BetterUp unlocks human transformation to supercharge workplace performance, purpose, and productivity through new integration with Microsoft Viva


San Francisco, CA – July 18, 2023 BetterUp®, the human transformation company, today announced a partnership and integration with Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform, to bring tools for personalized insights and performance improvement into the workplace. Starting next month, millions of Microsoft Viva users will have access to BetterUp through dynamic science-backed journeys designed to help people uncover greater purpose, performance, productivity, and well-being.

The BetterUp experience was designed and built in partnership with Microsoft Viva and is based on scientific findings, research, and insights from nearly 3 million BetterUp coaching sessions that show that when it comes to behavior change, small, targeted practices can have a big impact. The experience gives a glimpse of BetterUp’s human transformation platform, which is built by a team of PhDs and combines world-class coaching, AI, and behavioral science to help people reach peak performance and maximize their potential.

“For employees and organizations as a whole, the key to long-term success lies in fostering and developing the right mindsets, skills, and behaviors to achieve peak performance,” said Alexi Robichaux, co-founder and CEO of BetterUp. "Historically, companies have been limited in providing scalable solutions to grow and develop their entire workforce. BetterUp is addressing this opportunity by integrating science-backed, human-centric solutions seamlessly into the flow of work with Microsoft Viva, where millions of employees are engaging daily."

Microsoft Viva users will access BetterUp directly from their Viva Digest emails. The BetterUp experience combines world-class, inspirational content from luminaries with expert guidance and evidence-based practices that are relatable and applicable. The journeys will feature world-class athlete, Maria Sharapova; designer, creative director, and philanthropist, Aurora James; actor, screenwriter, director and producer, Michaela Coel; psychotherapist and author, Lori Gottlieb; Creative Director and author, Welby Altidor, and more.

The experience will also feature personalized assessments and unique insights to provide better clarity and self-awareness on strengths and opportunities for growth. The integration will prompt personalized practices varying from visualization, guided self-reflections, intentional breaks, values affirmations, and meditations enriched with the voice of a coach to help provide guidance.

"With today's digitally distributed workforce, it's important to provide employees with tools that help them stay inspired, productive, and connected," said Seth Patton, General Manager of Microsoft Viva. "The new BetterUp integration in Microsoft Viva provides rich engaging content and unlocks insights to help improve employee engagement and performance--all while staying right in the flow of work."

Economic uncertainty is increasing the pressure on companies to perform. Expectations between employees and employers features continue to shift as productivity, performance, and adaptability are more critical in the workplace than ever. However, Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Index report revealed that nearly two in three people (64%) say they struggle with the time and energy to do their jobs, and those people are 3.5 times more likely to struggle with innovation and strategic thinking. Well-being remains key to overcoming these challenges and unlocking better outcomes. According to research from BetterUp Labs, employees with the best well-being had 56% fewer missed days at work and were five times more likely to be rated top performers. Additionally, employees who prioritize their well-being experience lower levels of burnout and are more resilient in the face of stressors. 

Starting next month, all Microsoft Viva users can access the BetterUp experience directly from their Viva Digest emails. Additionally, this fall, BetterUp will launch an app in Microsoft Teams, providing another way for users to access this content.


Published July 18, 2023

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