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How business coaching transforms leaders

Companies that implement business coaching across an organization see a significant return on investment with an increase in all-around performance. Additionally, leadership gains insight into the values their teams lean into most often. This high-level view provides leadership with a clearer understanding of their organization’s culture.

What is business coaching?

At its core, business coaching is a collaborative relationship between a professional coach and a business owner, entrepreneur, senior leader, or rising professional.

In this relationship, a business coach works with their coaching client to define and accomplish their goals while working through business obstacles and barriers. This is all done while the business professional practices self-awareness — learning how to identify and maximize their unique strengths as a leader.

Through regular coaching sessions, a coach will act as a guide, leading their coachee through professional growth opportunities. They may act as a strategic sounding board while the individual works to solve complex or novel problems. During exercises to identify and clarify core values and a long-term vision, a business coach can function as an accountability partner. In short: business coaching helps individuals reach their full potential.

Benefits of business coaching

Increase in meeting sales teams quotas
Better strategic planning
Greater ability to motivate others

What professionals can expect from a business coach

Leaders in all areas of an organization share similar qualities and, at a high level, responsibilities. Whether they are senior leaders or new managers, all leaders need problem-solving skills, relationship-building abilities, extreme ownership, and a growth mindset. All areas that business coaching can help develop.

A collaborative approach to development
Professional goal setting
Developing a clearer sense of what business success looks like
A plan of action to achieve your goals

Business coaching with BetterUp — a scalable solution

BetterUp business coaching for organizations is an essential and scalable solution that drives productivity, engagement, and retention across organizations. Through building centered leadership, it allows for whole company transformation while providing individual business professionals the skills they need to take their leadership to the next level.

Our business coaching program is rooted in positive psychology and is designed to bolster essential leadership skills in a scalable way.

Quantifiable benefits of BetterUp business coaching

return on investment (ROI)
increase in individual performance
increase in team performance
increase in organizational performance
increase in productivity

Discover how business coaching can help you reach your goals

Business coaching that builds stronger teams

Business coaching won’t succeed in a vacuum. For the greatest impact, a business coach must look at the whole person within the context of the organization. With BetterUp’s virtual business coaching services, we reach leaders across an organization.

The key to the enhanced scalability of BetterUp coaching is our Whole Person Model™.

This comprehensive coaching format takes a holistic approach to leadership development.

Made up of three primary components:

  1. Mindsets
  2. Behaviors
  3. Outcomes

These core pieces build upon one another for sustainable change at both the individual and organizational level.

By building great leaders, a business can give team members a sense of purpose, motivation, and accountability. Our own customers have reported:

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