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Exclusive Virtual Event Featuring Stanford Professor Dr. Jeff Hancock

BetterUp Presents: Craft future-ready leadership with AI

In an era where GenAI is rapidly reshaping the workplace landscape, it is crucial to understand its potential for amplifying leadership and manager effectiveness. Stanford professor and researcher Jeff Hancock invites you to explore the intersections of AI, trust, and leadership, drawing on breaking research from the Stanford Social Media Lab in partnership with BetterUp Labs. Explore what’s at stake and how organizations can channel the transformative influence of GenAI to improve workforce readiness –– from embracing change and enhancing productivity to future-proofing leadership performance and pipeline.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of narrative when introducing AI into the workplace so employees feel empowered to experiment
  • How AI is perceived in the workplace, with a special focus on building trust with AI across managers and direct reports
  • Strategies to harness AI for improved development, decision-making, and team dynamics


Dr. Jeff Hancock, PhD.
Director of the Stanford Social Media Lab and Professor at Stanford University | BetterUp Science Board Member
Kate Niederhoffer
Director at BetterUp Labs
Mark Cousino
Vice President of Learning at Kyndryl

Channel the transformative influence of GenAI to improve workforce readiness