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Manager Effectiveness

Getting results has never been harder.
Here's what you can do about it.

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What does effective management look like today?

We studied 17,000 frontline managers and observed an emerging leadership profile driving higher business performance, revenue, and team performance. Here's what's working now.

The big idea: Learn why managers who lean into coaching skills, authenticity, recognition, and problem solving are helping their organizations drive more revenue, performance, and productivity.

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Authentic managers help their organizations achieve +50% net profit margins. How do they do it?

Authenticity is more than just being yourself. Managers embracing it see higher performing teams and less turnover.

What science says is the sweet spot for ongoing manager development

Forget one-off training and management workshops. We cracked the science behind cultivating effective managers.

Why return to office success hinges on managers with one key capability

Struggling with the return to office? Learn how “manager coaches” are helping employees smooth the transition.

How prepared are your people to become effective managers? The data is mixed.

Learn why readiness to step into management and lead is massively impacted by what your job was before promotion.