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NetApp breaks down silos to build high-performing teams

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    NetApp seeks to support business growth with high-performing teams

    NetApp is a cloud data services and data management company with 11,000 employees around the world. As NetApp transforms into a cloud-centric business, Larry McAlister, VP of Global Talent, wanted to support employees in building the skills needed to adapt and create the alignment that would bust silos and drive business outcomes.

    In developing a new talent strategy, the “thrive ecosystem for high-performing teams,” research showed that NetApp employees were happy, but that scores on cross-functional partnering and alignment were low, which was impacting productivity. To build high-performing teams, NetApp realized it would have to support employees’ Mental Fitness. With every employee at a different stage of mental fitness with different developmental goals, Larry knew that only a personalized solution could meet everyone’s needs.

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    We have an opportunity to change everything and make it the most powerful place for employees to learn, grow, and care and BetterUp is making us do that across the globe.
    — Larry McAlister, VP of Global Talent, NetApp

    BetterUp enables personalized development at scale for global workforce

    NetApp employees receive 6 months of 1:1 BetterUp® coaching plus a year of access to Specialist coaching (including experts in Nutrition, Sleep, Parenting, and more) to work on any area they'd like to zero in on. Moreover, the BetterUp network offers coaching in 46 languages across over 90 countries, which allows NetApp employees to be coached in their own language no matter where they live.

    The BetterUp mobile app matches employees with coaches across timezones and delivers content that's relevant to their needs and goals:


    Employee engagement drives participation

    Over time, the BetterUp program has grown rapidly through employee word of mouth. Managers noticed the impact of happier, more resilient employees on their teams almost immediately. BetterUp coaching enables NetApp to give employees the help they need to feel healthy and inspired, handle their own problems, and work more collaboratively.

    On average, NetApp employees who worked with BetterUp experienced the following growth: 

    increase in Alignment
    increase in Resilience
    increase in strategic Problem Solving

    Coaching supports resilience, relationship building, and alignment

    Modern companies love having data to support their investments, and NetApp is no exception. In fact, Larry called his first quarterly business review with BetterUp “mindblowing.” An increase in Resilience demonstrated that employees were better equipped to ride the wave of change both in the outside world and at NetApp. With resilience, people can persevere through challenges and consistently work towards goals, even when that goal includes leading a company into the future.

    Coaching capabilities, another skill measured on the BetterUp Whole Person™ Model, also increased for coached NetApp employees. When managers can more effectively coach others, they motivate their teams and facilitate better performance. That’s the exponential power of coaching.

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    A large-scale business transformation requires people to be aligned across teams. BetterUp coaching is helping NetApp break down silos: the growth in relationship building shows that employees are becoming more successful at developing trusting personal relationships with co-workers. The increase in Alignment ensures that everyone is working toward a common goal.

    With BetterUp, NetApp is prepared for the future of work: a future in which the business grows at velocity and employees have the Mental Fitness to adapt to whatever comes next. With these skills embedded into the business, NetApp is sure to succeed. 

    "People are getting new skills and bringing it to their teams, exponentially helping others. You can feel the energy and see how people are reaching across the aisle and busting silos to help each other.”

    — Larry McAlister, VP of Global Talent, NetApp

    What each person needs is different. Deliver employee development they’ll love.


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