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Cutting-Edge Research from BetterUp Labs

In 2018, we launched BetterUp Labs, the first-of-its-kind behavioral research lab bringing together business, academia, and science. Our team of more than 40 PhDs, embedded across the organisation, brings expertise and innovative research techniques in organisational psychology, behavioral neuroscience, social psychology, and more. 

Partnerships with leading universities

A rigorous, multidisciplinary approach

The Labs team is dedicated to conducting validated studies and understanding lasting behavior change from from the world’s largest real-time dataset on coaching and personal and professional growth. The findings power everything from our evidence-based coaching methodology and interventions to our assessments to product development to talent insights and analytics focused on understanding organisational outcomes.


Science informed by industry-leading experts

behavioral science PhDs
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Explore the research of human flourishing

Meet some of the experts

Adam Grant, PhD

Organisational psychologist, Wharton professor, author, and one of the world’s most influential management thinkers.

Quinetta Roberson, PhD

John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Management & Psychology, world expert in diversity at work.

Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD

The father of positive psychology. Former president of the American Psychological Association.

Robin J. Ely, PhD

Faculty chair of the Harvard Business School Gender Initiative.

Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, MD

Harvard-trained physician. Chief Product Officer and Head of BetterUp Labs.

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