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The business impact of BetterUp

See how BetterUp boosts organisational performance and measurably impacts key business outcomes from performance to retention to productivity by driving scalable whole-person behaviour change.

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Chipotle elevates performance of corporate and field employees

Chipotle partnered with BetterUp to develop a stronger workforce at a time when they were prioritizing performance and promotions to meet the staffing needs of 200+ new store openings.

With Chipotle’s BetterUp partnership, manager effectiveness skyrocketed. Employees using BetterUp received higher performance ratings and were promoted at higher rates than those without—corporate employees received 1.2x more promotions while field leaders received 1.8x more promotions.

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Twilio improves retention with investment in BetterUp

On a mission to create a business that can take on any challenge that comes its way, Twilio engaged BetterUp to provide its leaders with coaching, ultimately rolling the program out to all 8,000+ employees.

Two years into its work with BetterUp, Twilio analysed the impact of coaching on the effectiveness of its employees and found coached employees were 32% more likely to receive high performance ratings and 5x less likely to leave the organisation than their non-coached peers. 

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“We believe in investing in tools that we know will help drive high-performing teams. This is what’s great about personalised coaching. Each employee can focus on the development areas and challenges they want to navigate. When each person thrives individually, you get teams that are more innovative and productive.”
Michael Stewart@2x

Michael Stewart,

Chief People Officer,


Publicly-traded company unlocks team potential to supercharge revenue growth

A publicly-traded cloud technology company with thousands of employees globally was on a mission to transform its sales organisation. Focusing on their sales managers, the company turned to BetterUp to provide personalised, 1:1 coaching. 

The results were significant, representing a dramatically outsized ROI on the coaching investment. Teams of coached sales managers saw a 1.6x increase in hitting quota compared to previous year, unlocking $4.5M in additional opportunity value per team.

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"When you have 1,000 people receiving coaching all at once, that can change a culture very quickly. BetterUp has grown the ability for supervisors to change, to pivot, to be resilient...and ultimately, how we deliver results."

Matthew Dodson
Organizational Development, Chevron

Software company saves $14M by partnering with BetterUp

A software company partnered with BetterUp to drive employee performance, engagement and retention. From BetterUp coaching sessions, employees grew most in resilience and stress management—both notably correlated with increases in retention.

This whole person growth led to quantifiable business outcomes: those who were coached had a 4.3x lower attrition rate. This decrease in attrition saved the company over $14M in the course of a year. 

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Sales leaders with BetterUp coaching increase their
NPS by 16 points

A technology consulting company was focused on accelerating cost optimisation to set the company up for long term success. In order to do this, they needed their account leaders to be strategic partners to customers to grow their accounts. 

With BetterUp coaching, their account leaders felt more prepared mentally for every sales call, and were able to switch tactics to improve call effectiveness. Sellers with coaching increased their NPS points by 15.6 points YoY and increased their margin 6% above the company average.

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