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Cloud technology company sees 60% increase in sales reps hitting quota with BetterUp coaching

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    Unlock team potential to supercharge revenue growth

    A publicly-traded cloud technology company wanted to transform its sales organization in pursuit of the next phase of business expansion. Sales leadership determined that growing strategic leadership skills across the organization’s sales managers would be its most effective path to achieving greater team results.

    In the company’s complex enterprise sales environment, nothing less than a customized path for developing the mindsets and behaviors proven to drive sales performance would do.

    Teams of coached sales managers saw a 60% increase in total bookings per team.

    Deploy 1:1 Sales Performance coaching and compare results

    A group of sales leaders across the global organization elected to receive 12 months of unlimited 1:1 BetterUp® coaching and specialty network coaching (Communication, Sleep, Nutrition). Each leader was matched with an ICF-certified Coach who addressed that leader’s highest-priority needs to help unlock their capability to drive revenue. With direct, ongoing, and focused support from a third party, sales leaders could focus on their skills development without the distractions of tactical issues that are likely to occur in 1:1 meetings with a supervisor.

    The coached sales managers’ performance was compared with a group of uncoached sales leaders over the same time period to prove the success of the coaching investment.

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    Improved focus and productivity leads to millions in additional deal dollars

    The results speak for themselves. Comparing coached sales managers’ performance to those who were not coached revealed a 1.6x increase per team in revenue attainment. 


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    Coached sales leaders saw a 60% increase in the number of their direct reports who achieved quota.

    Additionally, coached sales managers saw a 20% increase in the value of their team’s opportunities.

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    By dedicating time every week to step back and reflect with their Sales Performance Coach, sales managers grew in their ability to focus on the work that matters most: they saw 24% gains in BetterUp Whole Person™ attributes of Productivity and Focus. Not only that, the coached sales leaders saw a 16% gain in Strategic Planning, showing that they were better equipped to support their team to meet quota.

    BetterUp members experienced significant growth:
    Group 6604 (2)
    coaching culture
    Group 6600 (1)
    Group 6602 (1)
    strategic planning
    Group 6604 (1)

    personal thriving

    "It was a mix of communication skills coaching and leadership coaching that helped me motivate the team to reach 144% of our sales number."

    — Regional Sales Leader


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