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WarnerMedia builds a resilient, change-ready coaching culture

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    About WarnerMedia

    WarnerMedia is the content, technology, and entertainment company of the future, and is steeped in rich production history that’s behind many household brands including HBO, Turner, CNN, and TBS. Today, WarnerMedia is at the forefront of modernizing entertainment and is powering industry advancement through streaming, production, partnerships, and more.

    WarnerMedia employees face ongoing change

    Accelerated by COVID-19, content consumption has evolved at an unparalleled rate, and there are no signs that this trend will abate. Over the past several years WarnerMedia has navigated:

    • Unparalleled pace of entertainment industry evolution
    • 2+ corporate mergers and acquisitions
    • Historic company brand evolution
    • Ongoing organizational restructuring
    Listen to the voices of our partners and members
    The experience was life-changing because it taught me the importance of self-compassion and really processing my change and how it was impacting me emotionally. Maybe even how it was showing up in some of my behaviors and just that self-awareness really changed my perspective. And I'm grateful for that.
    — Trayonna Floyd Hales, Director, Talent and Performance at WarnerMedia

    Resilience-focused leadership coaching

    In order to meet employees where they are and prepare them to take on change, WarnerMedia’s Talent & Development team provides individualized BetterUp® coaching to employees across the business.

    Whether changing teams, starting in a new role, seeking a promotion, or motivated to enhance well-being, a BetterUp® membership is available to interested WarnerMedia employees.

    By providing individuals access to a dedicated, certified BetterUp® Coach, an increased number of employees at WarnerMedia have been able to build Mental Fitness muscles to navigate change (in both their professional and personal lives), and focus on their well-being so they can continue to innovate and lead at work.

    Personalized development at scale

    After onboarding and taking the BetterUp® Whole Person™ assessment, employees match with a Coach who specializes in their areas of growth opportunity. Coaching sessions can occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and together with their Coach, members are able to set specific goals and stay on track to achieve them.

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    Year over year, engagement with BetterUp has spread like wildfire at WarnerMedia. Members have shared their experiences of significant growth and breakthroughs with colleagues, and the word of mouth recommendation has motivated the masses to begin their own Inner Work® journey.

    With a specific emphasis on building well-being, resilience, and coaching skills, employees at WarnerMedia have seen increases in:

    • Work-life balance
    • Locus of control
    • Leadership capabilities

    What’s impactful about WarnerMedia’s focus on individual well-being is that employees are then able to take what they learn from their Coach and guide by example in all aspects of their lives. This “ripple” effect is how WarnerMedia has been able to see improvements at scale across key initiatives like project delivery, velocity, communication, collaboration and overall employee satisfaction. Plus, the connection between employees who feel a better sense of balance and those who are leading high-performing teams has been proven time and time again.

    reported progress toward their goals
    increase in cognitive thriving
    increase in resilience
    increase in coaching culture

    And WarnerMedia's data shows an undeniable impact. To have a real-time understanding of what’s going on with their workforce, the People and Talent Team at WarnerMedia leverage the BetterUp People Analytics Dashboard (PAD) to understand topic trends that employees are working on with their Coaches. This insight allows the Talent and Development team to deliver timely training and resources on similar topics for the workforce at large. Having real-time data allows Tina Gupta and her organization to take proactive measures, rather than reactionary ones. By staying abreast and involved in employee needs, WarnerMedia empowers its people to lead in its rapidly changing industry of content development, production, and technology.

    Hear the data story

    “We've been so pleased to be able to see the changes that that's had both on a personal level, but the knock-on effect that then has to the employee base, the employee experience, and overall employee engagement.”

    — Tina Gupta, VP of Talent and Employee Experience, WarnerMedia

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