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Workday builds resilience in a time of rapid growth

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    Workday's need to maintain culture during rapid growth

    Workday, a provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning, has been on a trajectory of hyper-growth: in the past five years, the company's headcount has more than doubled. Because Workday makes software for human resources management, it’s also committed to being a great place to work for employees. 

    Senior executives worried that as the company grew, the strengths of Workday’s values-driven culture would start to dilute. People were being promoted quickly at the same time that managers were being hired from the outside. Workday needed to ensure that newly-promoted managers could support career growth for their teams while the newly hired ones could adapt to Workday’s culture.

    “BetterUp gave us the ability to democratize coaching, making it available to those who never had it before.”

    — Greg Pryor Former SVP, People & Performance

    BetterUp delivered coaching at scale

    BetterUp's is deployed to employees via invitation to their work email. After completing an initial onboarding assessment based on the Whole Person Model, employees will be delivered 3 coach matches that they can choose to work with based on their strengths and areas of opportunity: 


    Turn managers into culture builders with coaching

    As part of its People Leader Effectiveness strategy, Workday partnered with BetterUp to launch a 1:1 coaching program for managers that would help them address three key objectives:

    1. Build high trust team environments

    2. Enable managers to provide career growth for direct reports

    3. Reverse early signs of cultural dilution

    Workday knew that empowering each manager with personalized support was the only way to facilitate the level of personal growth needed to meet those important objectives.

    Resilience and agility help Workday grow


    94% report that coaching
    them more effective at their job


    93% of members reported
    making progress toward goals


    22% average
    increase in Resilience

    The initial results for BetterUp members were phenomenal: nearly all those who received coaching said that BetterUp was a valuable use of their time and that their coach helped them make meaningful progress toward their goals. 

    Workday employees already scored higher than BetterUp’s benchmarks on the dimensions of Agility, Inclusion, and Drive. With BetterUp, coached managers improved their scores to a range of 50% over benchmark on those measures. An increase in Resilience for managers means that Workday teams are now led by people who persevere through challenges and quickly overcome setbacks.


    In 2022, Workday plans to add 2,500 people to its workforce. A ranking in the 2021 Fast Company Best Places for Innovators and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2021 proves that with individualized coaching for managers, it’s possible to grow rapidly and maintain culture.

    “Managers tell me that the program has changed their life, that they see things in a different way, and that BetterUp has given them the skills to unlock new ideas.”

    — Greg Pryor, Former SVP, People & Performance

    Companies that thrive are powered by employees and leaders that are rested, resilient, and in control of their missions.

    See how BetterUp® can take your team to the next level.
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    Google drives innovation and creativity for product managers
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